Risk Warning


Coinfloor Limited offers you the ability to trade cryptocurrencies on the spot market. Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high degree of risk. This warning provides you with information about key factors and risks you should take into account before trading with us. It is not a complete list of all the risks and does not explain how these apply to your individual circumstances. You should ensure you understand these risks before trading with us. If anything is unclear, please contact us. If you open an account with us, you must keep these risk factors in mind at all times and ensure you have sufficient financial resources to bear such risk when you trade with us. You should always monitor your positions carefully.

Our Offering

Our offering allows you to enter into an order to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. These orders will be “matched” with the first available order made by another client on the platform.

Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high degree of risk and will not be appropriate for everyone.

Your losses can exceed your investment

Every financial investment involves a degree of risk. The value of your investments may increase or decrease and you may get back less than your initial invested capital.

We do not provide advice

We provide our services on an execution only basis. This means we do not provide investment or financial advice for any of our offerings. Where we provide factual information, market commentary, transaction procedure guidance or methods of managing risk, you should not construe this as advice. You are solely responsible for any decision to enter into a transaction with us. You are responsible for managing your own tax, regulatory, and legal affairs, including where relevant any filings, payments, or returns.

We do not provide any tax, legal, or regulatory advice. If you require assistance with a tax, legal, or regulatory matters regarding our offerings, you should seek independent professional advice.

Our products are not appropriate for everyone

Prior to opening an account, we are required to assess whether our offerings are appropriate for you. We may refuse to open an account for you on the basis that we do not consider our services to be appropriate for you.

We would not expect our services to be appropriate for people who:
  • Do not understand the impact of and risks associated with cryptocurrency trading;
  • Do not have a high risk tolerance;
  • Cannot afford to lose the money they are trading with; or
  • Do not already have a diversified investment portfolio or savings.

We will warn you if we do not consider our service to be appropriate for you. In such circumstances we may still let you open an account, but you do so at your own risk.


We have a straight forward fee schedule for our offering. This can be found at the footer of our website. These charges may change from time to time so please check our website on a regular basis.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance

Past performance is not an indication of future performance. The value of investments may go down as well as up.

Markets are volatile and prices can change rapidly

Financial markets in general and these products in particular, are volatile and can move rapidly, particularly in response to news events. This will have a direct impact on your profits and losses. Knowing the volatility of an underlying market will help guide you as to where any stops should be placed. Volatility can often be hard to predict and come unexpectedly.

Market liquidity

Market conditions can change significantly in a very short period of time. Under certain trading conditions it may be difficult or impossible to have orders filled.

Electronic communications

We offer you the ability to deal by electronic means, via our trading platform online. However, no electronic communication is completely reliable or always available. There is a risk that your communications to us via our trading platform may be delayed or not reach their intended destination.

There is a risk that a catastrophic failure of our internal systems could result in the loss of data recording individual account balances. We mitigate this risk by the frequent backup of data, by maintaining backup systems and through contingency plans to minimise the possibility of system failure.

Your client money may be at risk if the bank fails

All cash that we hold belonging to you is held as client money in line with the FCA’s Client Money Rules and will be held in a segregated account with a EU bank. We will take reasonable care in the selection and continued use of such a bank but, we cannot ensure that you will not lose any money if the bank fails or defaults in any way.


You will be liable for all taxes, fees and assessments for any transaction. We do not provide tax advice and if you are in any doubt as to your tax affairs, you should seek independent professional advice.